The House of Diamonds is excited to offer the diamond upgrade program. This program will allow customers to trade in their diamonds for an upgrade of a new diamond. All customers are eligible for this program, even if you did not originally purchase your stone from The House of Diamonds.


Guidelines to upgrading your current diamond:

  1. The diamond must be in its original condition, along with the original undamaged diamond grading report. If the diamond is damaged, it may disqualify you fromthe program. Fees may apply for damaged grading report to reissue a new grading report. Only GIA is eligible. It is important to note that anyone who wishes to returns a diamond for an upgrade will be charged a $200 re-certification fee for that diamond.
  2. We will examine the diamond, along with the diamond grading report. We reserve the right to approve or disapprove the diamond upgrade. Credit will be based upon the current value of the diamond, not on the value of what it was originally purchased for.
  3. Our appraisers will weigh your goods and give you a value. Then, you decide if you want to take the value in cash or in store credit. There will be a reduction of 25% on the current value of the diamond. Cash is given on the spot and credit must be used the same day as trade in.
  4. If your new diamond fits your original setting, we will set the diamond for you. However, if the new diamond does not fit your original setting, you will have to purchase a new setting. Ask our experts to see if we can provide you with any credit for the original setting.
  5. The credit you receive is towards a new diamond only. The new diamond which is purchased must be twice the value credited to the customer.


Call our diamond specialists at +6012-205 3029 or email us at and we’ll walk you through the steps of your diamond upgrade.