The House of Diamonds fully supports the Kimberley Process and all other measures which seek to eliminate the trade of conflict diamonds. Each diamond is checked to make sure they are imported from a conflict-free zone.


At The House of Diamonds, we only purchase diamonds from the largest and most reputable suppliers, who, like us, proudly support the Kimberly Process, and have the highest and most ethical standards.


The Kimberley Process

  1. The Kimberley Process is an import/export control regime designed to stop conflict (blood) diamonds entering legitimate trade.
  2. Diamond-producing countries control the production and transport of rough diamonds from the mine to the point of export.
  3. Diamonds are sealed in a transparent, tamperproof, security bag by a government official. The official logs the export registration number, carat weight and export value (US dollars) on a 'Certificate of Export Origin'. The matching counterfoil is sent to the destination country.
  4. Customs officers at the importing country check the authenticity of the counterfoil and check details with the exporting officials. The shipment is not dispatched until the counterfoil and details have been verified.