• The cleaning process
  • The reshaping process
  • The engraving process
  • The soldering process
  • The rhodium plating process
  • The resetting the stones process
  • The polishing process
  • The re-sizing process
  • The reproduction process

Cleaning of the piece of jewellery particularly its less accessible parts, by immersion in an ultrasonic tank filled with lukewarm soapy water. All jewellery creations maybe subjected to ultrasound treatment, except for those containing emeralds, pearls, and certain other gems that are considered too delicate.

The piece of jewellery's original shape is restored using a boxwood mallet. 

The opportunities for engraving a permanent engraving options in the metal will depend on the available surface area on the jewel. Engraving is traditionally performed using a graver, a tool with which the engraver cuts into the metal. Most engravings are nowadays performed by laser since this technique offers a higher degree of accuracy. 

This involves fitting together two parts of a piece of metal that has been heated to a very high temperature using a blowtorch the jewel is then immersed in an acid bath so as to remove any trace of oxidation. 


To reinforce the whiteness and brilliance of white gold, it is sometimes covered with a fine layer of rhodium, a rare precious metal of the platinum family. 

This extremely delicate stage sometimes involves rebuilding the prongs and the mounting so as to create a secure setting. 

Using brushes saturated with three different abrasive pastes, until a dazzling surface is obtained. 

For rings, the jeweller opens up the body of the ring using a miniature saw. He removes or adds a piece of metal, and then using tweezers, reassembles the two separated parts. In the case of a chain or a piece of jewellery with links, the adjustment is performed by removing or adding links before reassembling the piece. 

This varies according to the nature of the piece of jewellery and how it was originally made. In order to reproduce the model of your piece of jewellery as faithfully as possible, jeweller will apply the following strict procedure. Find the original design of the model and corresponding mould, and then the different parts of the piece of jewellery will be assembled by soldering, later the stones will be set and the HOD stamping will be engraved.